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Vue sur Cahors

Cahors and you

Cahors is the capital of Quercy, the Lot prefecture, and rich in history which its medieval heart still bears witness to today.  

The field of possibilities is wide open for lovers of heritage, the great outdoors, culinary euphoria, thrills, or simply panoramic views as beautiful as they are wild.  

If you only go for a one-night stopover, you won't be able to do everything, but don't worry ! The city center is not that big, and you can already see a lot in a short time. You will be able to enjoy the surroundings of Cahors during the continuation of your Way, hike, or peregrination in the Lot.  

If you stay longer, you will then have the opportunity to savor the Lot region at the same pace as its inhabitants: taking your time to better grasp the spontaneous pleasures they offer.  

What to see in Cahors? 

The medieval history of Cahors makes it fascinating to visit. The architecture, heritage, culture of Malbec or even  the rich gastronomy of the southwest are here to be admired, savoured, shared.  ​

The Cahors - Vallée du Lot Tourism Office is a mine of information concerning the activities to be done in Cahors, and also in its surroundings.  

The farmers' market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., on the Place Jean-Jacques Chapou.  

To discover regional products, you can also go here:

- The Market Halls of Cahors (Place Saint-Maurice)

- The Maison Valette (Place Jean-Chapou)

- The Maison Sudreau (91 Boulevard Léon Gambetta)

- The Cave Cahors Saveurs  (366 Quai Albert Capus) 

- The Cave l'Atrium (Route de Toulouse - further from the center, but accessible by bus) 

Where to have a drink / dine in Cahors? 

As we have already said, Cahors is at the heart of a very rich wine and gastronomic region. On site, many restaurants allow you to discover the flavors of the region, for all pleasures and all budgets.  

The Tourism Office website lists the bars, restaurants and inns in Cahors and the surrounding area, don't hesitate to take a look !  

And because a direct and informed opinion is always nice, we can also advise you directly on site: we have already tested a few addresses that we will be happy to recommend to you!  

Some practical addresses...

Cahors Tourist Office: Place François Mitterand - 05 65 53 20 65 -

Cahors Town Hall: 73 Boulevard Léon Gambetta - 05 65 20 87 87 -

Hospital center: 52 Place Antonin Bergon - 05 65 20 50 50 -

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